LeftCoast Willie & Friends

The Ultimate Willie Nelson Tribute !

Meet LeftCoast Willie & Friends!

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LeftCoast  Willie-

Fred was destined to become a country music personality from an early age-his father performed with the Original Carter Family so it’s in his blood. Since the age of 15, Fred has had many successes in music, made records, had a private audience and sang an original song for Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary),  and performed in several Tributes before LeftCoast Willie & Friends. He has the vocal timbre and guitar virtuosity that makes him the only choice as a Willie Nelson Tribute Artist!


Valerie June-

Jen as the lovely, sassy and brassy June Carter Cash. June without Johnny is rare and this is indeed a rare tribute to a multi-talented and truly inspirational lady.   Jen plays bass, guitar, keys, percussion and auto harp and does her best to keep the boys in line. (As only June could!) Jen, a Tribute Show veteran, presents the best of June Carter.


Brother Bobbie-

Rob handles the magnificent piano work of Bobbie Nelson and the harmonica stylings of Mickey Raphael. Rob is one busy performer with a smile for miles and a trumpet or train whistle when needed, he is already for more.

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Rob Labbe-

Rob Labbe, easily one of the best drummers around, has a style and flair that is not often seen behind the drum kit!. He knows exactly the right beats, fills and nuances to add to every song! A Master of the brushes, he completes the LeftCoast Willie sound!

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